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About Us.

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2017 wasn’t only the year Donald Trump began his presidency.

Thankfully, something else happened too – Growth Reach Marketing was born. Backed by years of advertising and marketing expertise, Growth Reach Marketing helps its small, cherry-picked assortment of clients with advanced Facebook advertising, Google marketing, and Messenger Bot technology. We work with businesses from a range of industries, first educating them on the importance of advertising before creating a unique game-plan.

Our business proves dynamite comes in small packages. While our team may be little, our vision is big: To make it easy for brands like yours to find success. We are committed to getting you results, which is why we work with such a small group of clients. We care about quality over quantity, which also gives us the chance to really focus on your needs.



When are you free for a chat? You can use Calendly to schedule a call at a time that suits you. We look forward to chatting over a cyber-coffee soon

Why You Need A Messenger Bot

How much time do you spend answering messages daily?

Picture this – how much more work could you get done if you didn’t have to worry about answering the same-old customer queries again and again? Exactly. A Messenger Bot is a smart way to increase conversions, taking over time-consuming business communication.

Messenger bots are the only employees in the world that don’t need sleep or coffee to function. They’ll be at your customers’ beck and call from dawn ‘till dusk, using AI technology and machine-learning to get smarter with time. We can program your bot to chat in the same way you would, responding quickly, authentically, and personally.



Research shows that 53% of UK consumers are more likely the interact with a business if they can message them directly, and over half of the population sees business messaging as the hot new way to communicate. After all, it’s easier and less intimidating than a phone call.

%Social Media Agencies %Advertising Dublin

When are you free? You’re welcome to schedule a call with us through Calendly anytime. Book your spot, and let’s chat over a cyber-latte.